The story began long ago, to be precise in 1978.
I was very young at that time, I had working experiences in two local companies producing upholstered furniture where I learnt the craft technique of this field, increasing my know-how.

n that year I started my first craft enterprise, giving birth to Giovagnoli Collezioni; I had clear ideas about how to set up my company: professionalism, fabrics and exclusive products, great packaging service.
I started looking for products that I could not find in my city, first around Italy (Florence, Venice, Milan, Bologna), then Paris, London, and most of Europe during events and trade fairs.
My first store, a place not too big with two nice windows and an adjacent laboratory, was the ideal place to present to the public the result of my commitment in the search of innovative and high-quality fabrics.
The showroom was decorated with black moquette and red and gold furniture, which was innovative at that time. I created extraordinary environments and discovered a natural disposition to create color combinations and aesthetic choices for furniture, furnishings, comfortable sofas, armchairs, sumptuous curtains and swags, stretched textiles on high walls, carpets from all over the world, which were manufactured in daring colors according to my creative project.

Welcoming my first customers was exciting and drove me to continue with passion on this way.

After a few years I moved the business to its current location, in a more visible area. I furnished it with design furniture, completing the textile collections by using the best international productions.

Giovagnoli Collezioni was about to become a point of reference for the local market, designers and architects.

I started decorating, both with my fabrics and with refined design furniture, houses throughout Italy and abroad, in prestigious locations such as Rome, Milan, Venice, Turin, Bologna, Florence, Cortina, Porto Cervo, and also New York, London, Paris, Cannes, Saint Moritz, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Vienna, Moscow, Zagreb, Seychelles, Seoul.

The current image of my business derives from many years of research.
Today, as yesterday, I am still looking for innovative products, I like to be considered an advisor for my customers both for big projects and small supplies, where my passion is exactly the same. I try to convey all the experience and expertise gained in these years, always paying attention to trends, with a look at the past and at the future.