A watchful eye to the evolution of tastes and trends; a continuous journey in classical art and in the past to interpret topicality and modernity; a constant research in design areas and many trips in search of beauty.
Each house has its own atmosphere, its own charm.

Letting oneself go to one’s own character in the proposal, interpreting the personality of who is in front of us. Every time a different proposal to stimulate one’s own creativity and that of our customer.
Venturing into the trial, from which some great proposals always arise.
Nature always helps us, just observe carefully and with sensitivity: the colors, the combinations, the atmosphere. Everything can be changed in our houses.

It is a rule, both in the most sumptuous and in more modest houses, not to overlook style.
You can create an extraordinary environment with a few touches of color or simply with the proposal of particular textures.

Fabric is art, design, architecture, imagination and atmosphere.
You can invest in both vintage and contemporary houses, rooms furnished with antique or design furniture but, as far as the outcome can be satisfactory, it will never be the same as if these houses and environments are dressed with appropriate textiles.

"Passion always moves everything and from it creativity, ideas, style and the desire to build well-done things arise."


  • Customized advice: we support our customers, being them architects, designers or private clients, ensuring the project’s success.
  • Our professionalism continues even after the sale, thanks to an efficient customer service offered by our skilled staff.
  • Our technical knowledge allows us to perform restoration works of sofas and armchairs; our technical staff will help you in the selection of the fabrics that mostly suit your needs.